Art In Dryden

A mural contest to bring interactive art to Main St in Dryden
funded by contributions from art enthusiasts like you!

Economic Value: public art attracts visitors to Dryden, makes the Dryden Hotel a community icon and brings positive press

Environmental Value: the wings remind us to appreciate these flyers at the Butterfly Garden, on the Rail Trail, Dryden Lake Park, and all around us

Social Value: the community works together toward a common goal that benefits us all

2021 Private Contribution
Progress To Date:

Soon You Will Be Having Fun With Interactive Public Art At The Dryden Hotel!

This project was inspired by Colette Miller’s Global Angel Wing Project

Colette first painted wings in Los Angeles, the city of angels. The first pair was simple street art but the response was natural, immediate and spontaneous - from people of all sorts and backgrounds. They stopped to admire, insert themselves between the wings, and sometimes took photos.

Colette has painted wings globally, in Kenya, Australia, England, Japan, France, Cuba, Juarez Mexico, Dubai, Taiwan, and more, and many in the USA. Though some are commissioned, and others gifted, the wings themselves are free to the world. Never owned by anyone, not even Colette, though they are of her provenance and work.