Art In Dryden

A mural contest to bring interactive art to Main St in Dryden
funded by contributions from art enthusiasts like you!

AltTextWhere In The Community Is This Interactive Art Located?

AltTextOn A Highly Visibile Outside Wall At The Dryden Hotel

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Our thanks to Chris Calabro for supporting interactive public art at The Dryden Hotel

AltTextThe Wings at the Dryden Hotel extend the Butterfly Garden at the entrance of the Jim Schug Trailhead to the Montgomery Park Entrance Garden and onto Montgomery Park

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AltTextPhase Two 2022: Continue to foster public art in the community

Tell us of an exterior wall, space, door, nook or cranny in Dryden that would be an ideal place for the next fun, colorful public art project and we will share the idea with the owner:

Business name and/or Street Address. Describe the size of the area.

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2021 Private Contribution
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